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Fine Health Pvt. Ltd.

Fine Health was incorporated in the year 2011 with the objective of setting up a Chain of Community Pharmacies in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal to start with and then expand to the other states in the Eastern Part of the Country and subsequently envisage a pan India coverage. Community Pharmacy, although an established concept in the Western world, hasn't been established here. The objective of a Community Pharmacy is not only to sell medicines but to serve the community at large through various awareness programmes directed to a healthier well being of the members of the society. We stand committed to act as a responsible Community Pharmacy and are adequately positioned to expand rapidly and take this world class service to more and more people.

Fine Health promises the citizens of Kolkata to deliver a unique experience of availing daily healthcare needs which has not been experienced earlier.

To that extent, Fine Health now brings to you two unique services

  1. E. H. R. – Electronic Health Records; aimed at everybody. All can keep their health / medical record digitised. No need to carry your old prescriptions, diagnostic records, x-ray films etc. when you visit the Doctor.
  2. C. M. S. – Clinic Management System; aimed essentially at Doctors. A Doctor can manage his clinic more efficiently by using this C. M. S. Doctors can create, view and update records of their patients. Doctors can also write e-prescription, write notes, view appointments , confirm / reject / reschedule appointment requests.